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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 21, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, america. good morning, america. this morning, october surprise. have the u.s. and iran cut a deal to hold the first one-on-one nuclear talks ever? the timing is interesting. the final presidential debate focused on foreign policy is tomorrow. nasty neighbor caught on camera. a man now faces charges after neighbors say they videotaped him vandalizing homes, cars and lawns in what's become a never-ending battle. the plunge at the pump. as election day nears, those high gas prices are suddenly starting to go way down. why now? ♪ let's talk about sex baby and clooney in court. the hollywood superstar dragged into a sex scandal. what's he doing testifying in a trial with a woman named ruby the heart stealer. ♪ let's talk about sex ♪ let's talk about it
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we're all enjoying the subtlety of the music chosen by our producers on this sunday morning. good morning, everybody. bianna and ron both off today. but we're very happy to have sharyn alfonsi and linsey joining us on her birthday, we might add. >> happy birthday. some sad breaking news. former senator george mcgovern has died at the age of 90. mcgovern was a liberal icon. he ran for president in 1972. he lost in a landslide to richard nixon. we're going to take a look back at his long career in politics this morning. also, we are just 16 days until the election. one day until the third and final presidential debate. this morning, so many questions. how will this big headline about iran play in the debate? and can this face-off shift the dynamic in what appears to be an extremely tight race? >> the timing so interesting on that one. we'll get to that in just a few minutes. we'll begin, though, with that breaking news.
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the former senator and presidential candidate george mcgovern die d today at the age of 90. family and lifelong friends and >> he was surrounded by relatives and lifelong friends and george stephanopoulos looks back at his life dedicated to public service. >> i will haunt the senseless bombing of indochina on inaugural day. >> he was the first senator to oppose the vietnam war. calling it a policy of moral debacle and political defeat. that cause would go to the democratic nomination for president in 1972. >> truth and candor rather than deception and manipulation. we're going to give richard nixon the retirement he so richly deserves. >> voters didn't see it that way. mcgovern lost one of the biggest electoral landslides in american history carrying over massachusetts. he grew up in a tiny prairie town in
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south dakota. a liberal icon from a republican family. met his wife eleanor at a high school debate tournament where she won. mcgovern went on to become a decorated fighter pilot in world war ii, served in congress and found his national voice leading the anti-war charge in his race for the white house. >> to stand with your convictions, i ask you not to despair. >> reporter: mcgovern stayed in the senate until a 1980 defeat. and four years later made another run for president but didn't get past the early primaries. there were tragedies in his personal life, too, losing son stephen and daughter teresa to alcoholism. >> i loved her, and she knew that. she never doubted that for a minute. i'm grateful for that. >> reporter: mcgovern spent his later years writing and working on one of his lifelong passions, ending world hunger. george mcgovern was 90. and we have another developing story this morning, that potential october surprise. "the new york times" reporting that iran is making moves with holding one-on-one
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talks with the white house. abc's david kerley is at the white house this morning. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, sharyn. this could be a case of semantics or an overstatement of the situation. it comes an interesting time. just hours before the last presidential debate, which will cover foreign affairs. that would be after the election according to "the times." tommy vietor saying "it's not true that the united states and iran have agreed to one-on-one talks." the white house was quick to state that's not true. but other sources are saying that iranians have indicated
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that they're ready to talk. it comes four months after that last round of talk involving a larger group. the u.s. has said that it is willing to meet one-on-one with the iranians to get them to promise not to build a nuclear weapon and not to enrich uranium. sharyn? >> what would likely have to have first? >> reporter: this is all all about sanctions and enriching uranium. and the president and the west believe that the sanctions are punishing iran. that's why they may want to come to the table. the president will not loosen sanctions unless iran stops enriching uranium and they can prove it. they can verify that they're not enriching uranium for a nuclear weapon. >> and, david, as you mentioned, the timing of this is so curious, the weekend before this final presidential debates. >> reporter: hours before, and that's why the white house is so quick in its denial last night that this report by "the new york times" was completely correct. there are other newspapers that are quoting diplomatic sources. i think the white house wants to say, listen, this is not coming from us. but you're going to hear a lot about this in the debate tomorrow night and it'll be interesting to see if the president confirms some of this, how information he actually gives about where we do stand. we're talking about iran getting rid of their nuclear weapon.
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it is going to be a fascinating debate tomorrow night. sharyn. >> yea, a good october surprise. thanks so much, david kerley. >> reporter: you bet. as we said, this news comes 16 days before the election and one day before the final debate. which will focus on foreign policy. you're looking at a live shot now of the debate site in boca raton, florida, where the two men who sometimes appear to not like each other that much will once again step into the arena, it's "your voice, your vote." let's bring in the host of abc's "this week," also the host of "gma," a man who barely sleeps and always works, george stephanopoulos. what do you make of the timing of this? is it real and will it affect the debate. >> it's hard to know what to make of it. on one hand, you have the "new york times" saying that administration officials saying that iran has agreed. the white house is saying no. first you have to take that in account. what you're looking at is the idea that iran believes that it's in their interest to get this out, if the initial report is true. now, i think the most important thing, the most important factor right now is how will this play in the debate? as david pointed out, it'll be interesting to see if
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president obama confirms any of the details. perhaps even more important, how does mitt romney respond? on the one hand, he would want to appear open to doing anything to prevent a war over iran's nuclear program. on the other hand, israel is through their ambassador has already signaled they're not open to these direct talks right now and mitt romney all through this campaign has tried to align himself very closely with the government of israel. >> these debates this year have been huge. as you know, i mean, we've had tens of millions watching and the first one especially affected the dynamic in the race. do we expect the third one to be given as impactful? >> hard to imagine it would have much impact as the first debate. which changed the dynamic of the race. there are fewer voters that play right now. >> because of early voting. >> exactly right, and the subject is foreign policy, which voters tend to not care about as much in their voting. on the other hand, this race is so close right now that everything matters. everything can turn this -- can turn this race, and finally this is the last chance that both men
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have to speak to this many voters still likely to be tens of millions of voters watching tomorrow night. >> yeah, i would imagine a lot of people will tune in because to put it in sort of a crass way has become reality tv. these two are really at each other's throats. >> no question about it, although i would wonder coming off the ferocity of last tuesday's debate if both men try to tone it down. we saw it at that dinner thursday night. here they'll talk about foreign policy and mitt romney in the last few days has been trying to give a more moderate presence, have a more moderate tone emphasized by partisanship. i wouldn't be surprised if he looks for ways tomorrow to emphasize where he agrees with president obama on foreign policy. >> who is under more pressure going into the third debate? who needs to have a bigger night? >> that's a tough question. very, very tough question. mitt romney still seems to have some momentum still coming out of that first debate. on the other hand, president obama has the advantage in these
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key battleground states where this race is going to be won or lost. i think both men are under pressure to avoid one thing above all, no huge mistake. if they get through the night with no huge mistake, they both go out to their turnout machine. >> we should say george has a big show. chicago mayor rahm emanuel who used to work in the white house is coming on and so is florida senator marco rubio and also this reminder join george and diane sawyer for full coverage of the final presidential debate tomorrow night at 9:00 eastern. >> all right. now we're going to check the morning's other top stories. abc's linsey davis this morning. good morning, linsey. >> good morning again, sharyn, dan. good morning, everyone. topping the news the fbi is hunting for the person who called in a bomb threat to a plane scheduled to leave l.a. international airport. the london-bound united airlines flight was taken to an isolated part of the airport and searched. nothing suspicious found and the plane was cleared. the toll from that deadly meningitis outbreak has climbed yet again. two more people have died from the outbreak linked to those
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steroid shots for back pain bringing the total number of deaths to 23. there are now 284 illnesses in 16 states. tensions and security are high in lebanon today for the funeral of the nation's assassinated intelligence chief. friday's car bombing that also killed seven other people is being linked to the civil war in neighboring syria. with violence on the rise in lebanon, many there are now afraid of being drawn into the civil war. and to the uk now. hundreds of people protesting government spending cuts clashed with police in london saturday. the group broke away from a larger peaceful protest attempting to storm stores owned by multinational companies claiming they're avoiding taxes. several people were arrested. and finally, one college football fan is lucky to still be in one piece today. take a look at this guy. he runs out onto the football field during yesterday's florida state/miami game
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right in the middle of a play, and somehow he avoids getting steamrolled by a player. the referee ruled he had no impact on the play so let it stand. new meaning to the words, no harm, no foul. >> he started the tailgate early i have a feeling. the most heated moment in last week's debate when barack obama and mitt romney got in one another's face. but now as election day approaches, gas prices are about to take a big plunge. a happy u-turn for drivers who have been paying 4 bucks a gallon in some spots. abc's mark greenblatt is at a gas station here in new york city this morning. mark, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. and gas prices aren't just going down, but they're going down fast. here this morning in new york, the price for a regular unleaded gallon of gas is around $4.15. within a couple of weeks it's expected to be somewhere in the
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3s. at long last, gas prices look like they're finally plunging. and experts predict soon every gallon could cost 50 cents less than the peak price of nearly $3.90 a gallon earlier this month. >> a good thing? it's a great thing. >> 50 cents is significant. >> reporter: for drivers with an eye on the holidays, it's not a moment too soon. >> starting to come down, thank goodness. >> reporter: from montana to florida to minnesota, prices are finally headed in the right direction, down. with the national average already falling 17 cents this month to 3.69. and forecasts a peak tumbling to 3.35 within a few weeks. the supply is expected to begin increasing coupled with an expected drop in demand which we're already seeing equals lower prices. >> reporter: one reason, problems with oil refineries on the west coast and in the midwest has begun to soften. in a season where drivers drive less. but in hardest hit california,
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consumers don't want to wait three weeks for even more relief following a summer of dramatic price spikes there where they saw gas prices above $5 a gallon. but there's good news for those in california, if there's not a major world event, we're told, that prices could drop as much as $1 for california drivers. now to what may be the craziest story of the morning. take a look at this hidden camera video of a guy vandalizing cars, homes and lawns. the people who live in this neighborhood say they rigged up the cameras to prove that the damage is all tied to one man embroil ed in a nasty feud. john muller is on the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. call it the latest installment in the neighbor from hell series. we have seen these stories before, and this one comes from miami complete with surveillance cameras and plenty of strange behavior. one man is under arrest charged with criminal mischief and stalking. they call him the neighbor from hell. members of this miami neighborhood say this surveillance footage is proof that mitchell igelko has
7:14 am
been terrorizing them for your years. >> he's an angry guy and he tries to intimidate you. >> reporter: here cameras allegedly capture him throwing what looks like an egg at someone's house. in this video neighbors say igelko is sprinkling nails on someone's driveway. >> i was getting flat tires, not only myself but everybody in my neighbor. >> reporter: late this week igelko was charged with criminal mischief and stalking. >> we have property damage and psychological damage. >> reporter: neighbors allege hid one-year reign of terror began when he started feuding with bob and kelly after they hired another company to do some work. others were bullied too so they joined target. watch here at what appears to be wick width squirted from this white truck. the next day where it was sprayed was killed. neighbors say that igelko was behind it. >> i see a lot of jet stream of toxic liquid getting into my
7:15 am
grass. so i double-checked with my camera, and i got the proof right there. >> reporter: and there was more. here an unidentified person throws a rock through a car window. in another, unknown men spray gasoline on a car, and watch here as a boat bursts into flames. frightened neighbors accusing igelko of hiring others to do his dirty work. police are still investigating those incidents and igelko has not been charged. igelko's lawyers say that this is nothing more than an ongoing neighbor dispute. and igelko himself has been victimized by vandals. >> to suggest that my client would vandalize his own home, break his own screens, burn his own grass, throw eggs on his own car is absolutely preposterous. >> mitchell egelko has not entered any plea yet. his attorney also tells abc just ìc&t they haven't reviewed those videos yet, and as soon as the state turns the videos over, they'll be in a better position to answer questions and miami
7:16 am
police are also looking over those tapes as well. dan and sharyn. >> this can't help home value. >> can you imagine? no, it certainly cannot. >> thank you, john muller. time for the weather. over to ginger zee. hey, ginger, good morning, again. >> good morning. we have tremendous pictures coming in from the seattle area. that's a waterspout. and, yes, they only get about one to two a year. so it is relatively rare. really nice photos. gloria took this one. this is north of seattle. this is right in the puget sound and near everett, as well. one more to show you, a little bit darker view. all of these coming from our great affiliate there komo. so what else comes with it? an unsettled weather gives you those water spouts. but it also comes on shore. rain aen heavy winds, 30 to 50-mile-per-hour gusts. not just for the seattle area. down through portland and parts of the rockies there, i'm sorry, northern california mountains i should say, the sierras there, the season's first snow for some. so mount shasta has that northern area in that six plus range. so big snow is coming in but this is the time of year we expect that.
7:17 am
you know what would be a little crazy is how warm it is yesterday in lubbock, a record 93. today 91. dallas will be close to 90. shreveport up there in the upper 80s. summer not over in some spots. here in the northeast it's looking average or slightly above with sunshine coming back out for many and one more thing before i leave you, we are watching the potential for tropical storm sandy to develop. the eastern caribbean would be in that chance of being a little unsettled. we'll be watching this, of course. hurricane season goes till the
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>> the first picture that i have to >> the first picture that i have to share with you is from kansas and we see the beautiful sunset there with the wind turbines in the background. we want to thank you so much for sending these in. and from virginia, it was just like you'd hang it on a wall. that's blue ridge parkway. i want that in my house. if you want to send it to me. @ginger, underscore, zee. >> i think my grandma had that in her house, ginger. >> oh, wow. it's getting tense in here. >> all right. let's change the subject. >> thanks, dan. >> news of the weird. the story of a guy in pennsylvania who said that his rv was attacked and the perp was bigfoot. >> he claims it was a tall hairy beast throwing rocks and according to this man, it's not his first close encounter wil sasquatch. linsey's back with this bizarre story. of course, it wasn't. >> happy birthday, linsey. this is what we give you for your birthday. >> i appreciate it, again. it's one thing to claim to have seen bigfoot once, it's quite another to have claimed to have spotted him several times. three times is a charm for this
7:19 am
central pennsylvania man who says he's been looking for the mythical creature his whole life. this time he says he got a little too close for comfort. police in central pennsylvania are investigating an alleged vandal in these woods, but this is no ordinary criminal. this one is tall, hairy, walks hunched over and goes by the name of sasquatch. that's according to john reed who claims he saw a sasquatch walk past his motor home while camping with his girlfriend. >> what i saw was this. i could not see a full thing. to me, it looked like it might have been going like this, but the top of the head and the shoulders were about here. >> reporter: reed said that the creature threw rocks at his mobile home's outside light to evade discovery. reid gave chase, jumping into his truck alongside his girlfriend.
7:20 am
the two even made special bigfoot calls in an effort to locate the creature. >> and as soon as i did it, something stood up on her side of the truck. something stood up. she seen the eyes glaring in the light of the truck, stood up and went up this way into the woods. >> reporter: reed, a self-described bigfoot tracker since the age of 10 claims that the bigfoot sighting was his third. he's part of the valley sasquatch watchers. after the incident, he posted to the group's facebook page, do i believe in bigfoot? yes, i do. reed's bigfoot encounter left his mobile with smashed windows. although police say it may be vandals for reed it was a warning for sasquatch to get off his territory. john reed has some tips for
7:21 am
people who may encounter bigfeet or bigfoots -- not sure how to say that, male bigfo foots, at y rate, go uphill. so if it's a male run uphill. if it's a female, they're top heavy so run downhill. >> in this hypothetical situation you need to gauge the gender before you decide -- >> make the call. >> yes, i'm signing up for the liken valley sasquatch sighting. good bigfoot call by the way. >> thanks. >> i'm impressed. coming up on the broadcast, crushed. a female zookeeper fighting for her life after being pinned to a post by an elephant during a routine training session. what went wrong with this seemingly peaceful beast? nickname, mr. shuffles. plus, george clooney dragged into court over an italian sex scandal involving a rocking dancer, the former prime minister. and something called a bunga-bunga party. >> yep, bunga-bunga party. and why are these guys pulling their car up to the front door of a department store? some questionable decisionmaking coming up in "fixation." pulling their car up to the front door of a department
7:22 am
store? some questionable decisionmaking coming up in "fixation." [ female announcer ] it's deliciously dark just before dawn.
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♪ let's talk about sex baby ♪'s let's talk about you and me ♪ he's one of the biggest stars in hollywood and now he he's being dragged into a courtroom drama in italy. george clooney tangled up in deeply strange and salacious case involving the prime minister and a dancer named ruby. allegations of something called a bunga-bunga party. on top of it all, this case may also force clooney to come face to face with an ex-girlfriend for the first time since they split. good morning, america. i'm dan harris alongside sharyn "the heart stealer" alfonsi on this sunday, october 21st. we're going to start this half hour, though, with a little bit of breaking news. we'll get over to linsey davis who's in for ron claiborne
7:31 am
manning the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. in the news this morning -- breaking news. former senator and presidential candidate george mcgovern has died. mcgovern lost the 1972 election to richard nixon in a landslide. george mcgovern was 90 years old. "the new york times" is reporting iran is making moves toward holding one-on-one talks with the white house over its nuclear program. the white house denies that a meeting has been set. that report will almost certainly come up at tomorrow night's third and final debate between president obama and mitt romney. both are taking the day off from campaigning to cram for the debate, which will focus on foreign policy. and finally, eight-time grammy winner adele is a mom. the singer reportedly gave birth to a baby boy last week. as you would expect, she is said to be ecstatic with the new arrival. and time now for the weather and ginger zee. >> good morning, everybody. we have to start with the ryeen
7:32 am
night. this is taken in georgia. you can really see it. some clear skies up and down the east coast, hopefully you got to enjoy some of the places and that happens when the earth passes through haley's comet orbit and all has to do with that famous orbit. the weather forecast. there's a small area for severe weather. midland, texas, all around to the mexican border. lubbock may get some thunderstorms, but not all that severe. this warming trend through the east coast, washingt >> this weather report has been brought to you by dedevry
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university. dan and sharyn. >> all right, thanks, ginger. but first we're going to get into another story about a zookeeper fighting for her life after being crushed by an elephant. her heart actually stopped beating for a while. minutes after she was pinned against a fence/pole after a training session. it's another reminder even the most experienced animal trainers are putting themselves at risk. abc's john schriffen is here with the story. >> reporter: sharyn, this horrific accident happened when the experienced trainer was inside the elephant barn in plain view to the public. it's not clear what triggered the elephant. but what we do know is that in recent months, we have seen more and more vicious attacks on animal handlers. seen here as a young calf in 2010, this playful pachyderm known as mr. shuffles is now a three-ton adolescent. zookeepers say he's responsible for nearly trush ing his trainer to death at this zoo. >> the elephant pinned her up against one of the fence's poles. >> reporter: according to reports, 40-year-old lucy melo was in the process of trying to show how the elephants bathe
7:34 am
when mr. shuffles challenged her authority. >> when ambulance crews arrived, the patient was conscious and talking to them and briefly said what happened. the patient went into cardiac arrest. they got her heart beating again. and she's breathing on her own >> reporter: by all accounts, the senior zookeeper and nine-year veteran of the park dedicated her life to the elephant's well-being. >> she has been keeping busy, swimming, playing with his toys. >> reporter: this is just the latest incident following a summer of animals attacking the hands that feed them. >> anybody want to see dan put his hand in the gator's mouth? >> reporter: in august, the crowd of this ohio fair was in shock as an alligator chomped down on this trainer's arm for 21 agonizing seconds as his partner tried to free him. >> there's no nerve damage. there was no must many damage. >> reporter: back in june, american graduate student dan ohgly wasn't as lucky. the 26-year-old was mauled by two chimps at the jane goodall institute. in south africa. this morning, back in australia,
7:35 am
melo is in critical but stable condition. now, in each of these attacks, experts say the animals were simply reacting as they would in the wild and are not to be blamed. now, the zoo in australia is currently investigating the incident, but results aren't expected back for some time, dan and sharyn. >> all right, thanks, john. >> definitely cannot blame the animals. they're wild animals. john, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," clooney on the stand, the hollywood heartthrob called to testify in a sex scandal in italy while facing his ex-girlfriend for the first time since their breakup. talk about high stakes. we're back in just a minute. ♪ let's talk about sex to compete on the global stage. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025 we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university, we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure america's ready. make sure you're ready. at
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♪ let's talk about sex baby it's a starring role that i'm pretty sure that george clooney did not want. he's expected to testify in italy about some sort of sex party at the home of the former italian prime minister. making matters more complicated, clooney may also have to face an ex-girlfriend for the first time since their public breakup as part of this testifying. it's a sticky situation and abc's tanya rivero is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this is the sensational trial riveting the world its tawdry cocktail of sex, power and celebrity. now, the world's most eligible
7:40 am
bachelor is being dragged into the mix. george clooney, whose only brush with the law at a sudan protest, has been summoned to help defend someone with much more serious crimes. former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi made a rare appearance at his own trial friday claiming superstar george clooney and his ex-girlfriend elisabetta canalis can help him prove that he's never had sex with an underaged dancer. now, the defense is calling both of them to the stand. >> to have a big movie star to come from hollywood all the way to italy to testify on your behalf, i mean that's credibility for you. >> reporter: the stakes are high. berlusconi faces up to 15 years in prison if he's found guilty of paying a moroccan showgirl known as ruby the heart stealer for sex more than a dozen times when she was just 17. berlusconi admits he gave her nearly $80,000 but says the money was for a beauty salon ruby planned to open.
7:41 am
the 76-year-old media mogul is also charged with abuse of power for allegedly springing ruby from jail in 2010 telling police she was the egyptian president's niece. >> i had one evening with berlusconi that was one of the more astonishing evenings of my life. >> reporter: in an interview with "time" magazine, clooney says he met berlusconi but never partied with him and would say it under oath. >> and i spoke to their people and i will come and testify if you would like, because i wasn't at the party that i was said to have been at. i wasn't at his bunga-bunga party. >> reporter: those bunga-bunga parties alleged to have been lavish orgies berlusconi hosted in his ville. ruby told police she saw george and his "dancing with the stars" ex at one of the notorious bashes. the defense hopes clooney's denial will boost their case. >> if george clooney says i
7:42 am
wasn't there, it casts doubt on the credibility of these other witnesses. it also could give respect to the defense itself. >> and we reached out to clooney's reps to find out if he will, indeed, testify in milan this friday, as requested. so far no response. but if he and his ex do show up in court, it will be the first time the two have seen each other since their breakup last year and, of course, people will be looking for sparks. >> awkward. >> sparks or icicles. >> appreciate it. coming up on "gma" what is making this baby so upset? >> ah. >> a little hint. it has to do with a preference for either cats or dogs. ♪ oh baby baby baby nightlwing the stacking the steaming. that's the transformative power of one ingenious little breathe right. try one free at and open your nose instantly. feel the power of air sleep like you mean it and rise to mornings alive with activity. breathe better, sleep better.
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♪ you are an obsession you're my obsession ♪ it's time for "fixation" where we show you the craziest
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stuff we could find on the internet. and ginger? >> you guys make me do the craziest thing that you can think of. this one is my next challenge, have to go to china for it. but this is what you're seeing on this video. this man visiting his girlfriend for her birthday in china, the tallest bungee jump in the world that is 700 -- say it again -- 64 feet. >> wow. >> wow. >> so we know where i'm going. >> you think you would actually do that? >> yeah. >> you would? >> of course. >> it's now confirmed ginger zee is -- >> next weekend. >> -- absolutely nuts. linsey davis, what do you got? the proof that every dog does, in fact, have his day. take a look at this dog. his name is charlie. dudley, rather. and the owner's name is charlie. and this is actually a project for a communications class at the university of texas. the project was essentially to create a video that would get 1,000 hits. well, this one has almost 500,000 hits. this is basically, you know, the day in the life of a doll. >> ruining a perfectly good
7:48 am
toothbrush in the making of the video. private moments there for dudley and then the tag line on this, "your dog don't know sit." you get it? >> oh. >> good one. >> skirting the line there, birthday girl. >> that's what it said. i didn't make that up. not an ld original. >> got you. in my mine, it's pretty self-explanatory. we've got a 4-month-old baby here and a mom who's at home who is a little bore ed at times. >> what sound does a cat make? meow. woof, woof, woof. what sound does a cat make? meow. >> oh, make it stop. she's a dog person. enough already. >> you can really tell. it's one of these early primordial choices. yes. >> absolutely. so we have now the anatomy
7:49 am
of a terrible decision. this is -- this is a group of guys in a department store, and that is their car, and you can hear their -- they think this is hilarious, they're driving right into the store. >> very dangerous. very dangerous. the snack bar. >> as one is in a situation like this, one does tend to giggle, and they drive through the entire store. as far as i know, they didn't buy anything or steal anything, but more impressively, they did not break anything. >> they didn't hit anything? >> no, they actually make it all the way through the store. >> what kind of a car was this? >> i think it was a yugo. i made that up. it was a small car. >> i believe you. >> the laughter is the funniest part of the whole thing. >> it sounds like beavis and butthead is what it sounds like. >> yeah, maybe even too sophisticated for beavis and butthead. >> oh, there it is. >> there it is. they make it all the way out.
7:50 am
>> what happens there? >> like a lot of brilliant criminals in the age of youtube, they posted it. so we'll find out if they get in trouble. we'll be right back. t in trouble. we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] style is long lasting when hair is nourished
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thanks to sharyn alfonsi for thanks to sharyn alfonsi for coming in on a sunday morning and linsey davis for coming in on her birthday to bring us the news. >> thank you for having me. >> poor thing. >> yes, go out and have a great day. >> and some sleep. >> and some sleep. >> we leave you with our favorite video. can we all agree that this is our favorite video of the morning? >> yeah. >> this is dudley, the dog. >> dudley. >> dudley. i can't believe i remembered that. dudley the dog, starting his day as you start yours. pick out some grooming tips from dudley. as you watch this, bear in mind that george stephanopoulos is back with "this week" and david muir back with "world news" tonight. a
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